Thursday, August 14, 2014

Show Off Your Backside

I love sweaters and tops with a surprise in the back. Looking through Anthro site, there are so many choices with back details, but the color range perplexes me. Lots and lots of beige and off whites with a few exceptions. Who needs so many beige sweaters? Don't get me wrong, I love neutrals, but everything in moderation. Luckily, there's the Kallio Cardigan, which comes in 3 colors and unlike many other options is made out of pure linen. The Backpleat Cardigan also comes in a really lovely shade of aqua, which I'm drooling over and the Elba Cardigan is available in 4 saturated shades. Wait, what was I complaining about?

Available in 3 colors

Available in 3 colors

Available in 4 colors

Available in 2 colors

Also available in black

Available in 6 colors

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