Thursday, January 12, 2017

Oddities Among Anthropoligie's New Arrivals

Browsing through Anthropologie's new arrivals, I was rather perplexed at the amount of odd and unflattering styles among the Spring selection. The question begs to be asked, "what the heck?" Am I behind the times? Is ugly the new pretty? Someone please explain this to me. Really.

McGuire Flight Jumpsuit
Exhibit A is the McGuire Flight Jumpsuit. For mere $298 you can be this cool in oversized  onesies. That is until you need to pee. Then you realize that there's a reason why kids onesies have snaps going all the way down the leg.

Abode Terry Jumpsuit
I call your attention to Abode Terry Jumpsuit for $98. Still trying to figure out what would be just the prefect occasion for wearing this. Being committed to an asylum? I don't know. This one too, has no bathroom plan, but perhaps your asylum would accommodate this fashion statement by providing some diapers?

 Lilibet Dress
The Lilibet Dress is so precious. It takes you back to the time you were 3. Literally. What grown woman would want to be seen in a tooth fairy dress?

Painterly Buttondown
The Painterly Buttondown comes with a price tag of $118. For a 50% discount, I'd be happy to throw some paint on your old, giant shirt. It will be more authentic and one of a kind.

Kitterby Ruffle Top
The Kitterby Ruffle Top is the epitome of high fashion. Might be a little to risque if you're Amish, but just right if you live in a little house on a prairie. Seriously? This is what Anthropologie has to offer the modern woman of the world?

Pupped Pullover
The Pupped Pullover looks like something you might order on Aliexpress. For a 6 year old. I'm not sure what bothers me more, the pink and black stripes or the puppy. A combination of the two is just barf-awful! 

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