Monday, October 27, 2008

Bouquet of Goodness

The Autumn Song Hoodie certainly makes me want to sing!

I love the combination of the fall color with spring hued embroidery and all the sweet details in all the right places. What a treat to wear a hoodie this lovely.


Elaine said...

Lovely sweater. Looks like a must have for Fall.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this in store the other day. It was very soft! A great layering piece you could wear all year.

On a funnier note, I saw a girl wearing this same sweater in a Sonic commercial last night on tv! Not sure if you have a Sonic in NY, (but it's a fast food chain). :-D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Such a wonderful sweater. There are so many sweaters in the new catalogue that I want.

The one I'm keen to try on is the "pick-and-choose" cardigan (on page 50). I like the knot with the buttons, it reminds me of an obi.

Jen said...

lovely blog.... and since you seem to know what's what, may i ask a post-unrelated question? a couple of years ago anthrop. was selling a pencil skirt with *pencils* on it. cute cute cute, and i was a dolt and didn't buy. any idea if there's a place online where i can seek out older anthrop. items?

Sophie said...

Hi Jen,

I don't know of any place besides e-bay where you can find sold out Anthropologie items. If it's been a couple of years, your chances of finding the skirt you want are probably slim, but sometimes you can get lucky.


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