Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free Shipping from Anthropologie? I must be dreaming!

Hey everyone! Have I made a discovery worth blogging about!
I wanted to place an Anthropologie order online for a sale item. As always I was annoyed with the shipping charges. So I did a search for anthropologie coupon codes. As all of you well know, there is no such thing. Unless you have a gift card or an actual coupon code issued by Anthropologie, there will be no discounts for you.
As I was about to give up, I've stumbled upon another blogger who mentioned receiving free shipping from Anthropologie by using her Anthro card. All you have to do is go to and follow the instructions to link your anthro card number to you account. Once you do that, standard shipping automatically comes out free. How cool is that? According to the Anthro info page, this offer was valid through December 31. However, it worked for me today so use it while you can.

Here are some of my Sale picks, and remember, if your size is not available on the website, there's a good chance you can find in some of the stores.

Llewellyn Surplice - $39.95 (was 78.00)

Chinaberry Dress - $79.95 (was $158)

Corduroy Coed Jacket - $59.95 (was $118)

Spotlight Dress - $89.95 (was $188)

Rockwell Embroidered Coat - $129.95 (was $258)


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you will get this but I bought that red jacket for 19.99. They didn't have it in my size in the store so they will do a search for you and give you free shipping. Which has made me very broke! But I've gotten some good and bad things that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

I was about to get hit with an alomst $20 shipping fee - and I "linked" my Anthro card to my account and the shipping fee was wiped away! WOWOW!

Thanks so much!


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