Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Much To See, So Much To Buy

Anthropologie is just bursting at the seams with new Spring styles, keeping me busy arranging and rearranging my wish list. It's just not fair to put so much temptation in my way. My hope is that if I blog about it, maybe just maybe some sort of a need will be filled and I'll be able to hold back from buying. Truth is I'm not a crazy shopper. I usually buy one piece of clothes at a time, and only if I really like it. The problem I'm facing now is actually isolating one piece to fill the craving. Here are some items I've recently added to my wish list.

Doolittle Blouse

Spring Course Sweater Jacket ( I haven't gotten over peasant sleeves yet)

Well-Weathered Blazer

Cork Oak Skirt

Johnny-Jump-Up Tee (Who comes up with these names?)

Corsage Tieback

Midnight Sun Top

Florist's Holiday Dress (Such happy sun-drenched colors)

Now, even though we're all much happier contemplating Spring wardrobe because, quite frankly, everyone is fed up with winter, the fact remains that here on the east coast
we're still freezing our behinds off. This is a good time to pick up some cozy winter items at great sale prices. I just got myself the Innovation Mockneck on sale for $49.95 with free shipping (another reason to love Anthropologie, free shipping!). This sweater was a happy purchase all around. It's warm, cute, flattering to the figure and the price is right.



That green sweater is great. I couldn't find it online. Is it sold out or am I missing it?

Sophie said...

It is sold out on-line. I got it at SOHO Anthropologie in NY. You can also call the catalog number and they can tell you which stores have your size in stock. Sometimes getting nice on-sale items takes some investigative work but it's worth it in the end.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

HOW do you get free shipping? I've ordered things online several times and never gotten free shipping... boo hoo. Please, PLEASE share.


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