Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Faces Behind the Feel

As your eyes savor each and every page of every new Anthropologie catalog, I'm sure you also realize that there must be a talented team of people that collaborated together to bring you just the right feel, just the right ambiance that makes Anthropologie what it is. (Anthropologie could probably charge a subscription fee for their catalogs.) I know I always wondered whose photography work I am looking at. After a bit of web-digging, I am posting (in no particular order) some stuff from the folks that bring you the Anthropologie feel.

David Eustace - Photographer (Agency: Bernstein & Andriulli)

David Eustace - a Scottish from Glasgow, (was once a Prison Officer in Sctoland - from his bio) shot the Anthropologie Stitch catalog. Here are some of his images:

Heather Chontos - Prop Stylist

The special stylistic touch of this particular arrangement, I must say, eludes me.

Ah, the skill of creating authentic randomness.

Robyn Glaser - Prop Stylist

Julian Wass (of Minh + Wass) - photographer

Julian and his wife Ngoc are a husband and wife team of photographers specializing in interiors. Here's some of his work for Anthro.


Anonymous said...

great post!!! I've always wondered who took those beautiful photos. I wish they would at least credit the photographer(s) within the catalogs.

Anonymous said...

My wife is an Anthropologie addict, and I find that their catalogs are works of art. Do you know who shot the new one, apparently set in Morocco? It's amazing. The rest of it, with still lifes arranged around piles of powdered paint pigments, is very nice as well. I agree that the catalogs don't say enough about the photographers.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Gorgeous images. So nice to have the background information on the talented people who take the photo's.


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