Friday, March 7, 2008


What is it about Frye shoes that gives them just the right balance between retro and contemporary? Frye styles are constantly popping up in Anthorpologie and Urban Outfitters catalogs, making me contemplate a one hundred and fifty-something shoe purchase.

I did a little Frye research on-line and found these Lisa Mary Jane Pumps on sale for $134.26 from Anthropologie sells the gold version of these shoes (also available from Endless) for $158.00 and calls them Sun Sheen Mary Janes. Since $134 sound better that $158, I think I'll treat myself to the black pair which luckily Endless still has in my size. With the free overnight shipping I should have them by Saturday and by golly I'll find where to wear them.

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jacquelyn said...

I have the red ones in black and they are very, very comfortable. I got them from zappos. I also had the black Lisa mary jane pumps in the bottom pictures---while they were nice, they were not as cute in person as the black peep toes (called Agatha, I think Anthro calls them Tip Toes platforms).

While Frye shoes can be pricey, I think one or two pairs are worth it!


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