Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working at Home Sweet Home

I am so swamped with work lately that I have no time for anything; I barely see the light of day. Because of all my work, I never have time to go anywhere and it seems that the only place I wear my Anthropologie clothes is when I go back to Anthropologie to buy some more clothes. (That's either ironically pathetic or pathetically ironic.) In any case, I have no time for food much less for posting. However with two new Anthropologie catalogs out and me finally succumbing to some kind of phlegm coughing-up virus (excuse the details but it just pisses me off when I can't breath and talk at the same time), I decided I've earned some blogging time. So here I go.

I'm sure you're all aware by now that Anthropologie came out with their first ever (In my knowledge) Home Decor only catalog. In addition to selling cute accessories and quint furniture pieces, they now do custom upholstery. My theory is that it's all part of their world domination scheme. Did you know Anthropologie ships internationally now?
Here are some pages from the Furniture catalog.

I am so impressed with Anthropologie for making this dining area look lived in and kids-friendly. I love that they added a little kid's table with spilled cereal and the train tracks going around the table legs. It resembles breakfast in my home. Whenever I look at the squeaky clean and perfectly orderly rooms in catalogs such as Pottery Barn I always feel the lack of chaos that is part of everyday life and think this furniture would not survive a day with my kids. Thankfully Anthropologie art directors had enough foresight to include a little bit of chaos which makes people like me feel normal.

How cute! No one does display design like Anthropologie.

Anthropologie decorated kids room? Nice. I'd also like to see Anthropologie expand into maternity wear, though something tells me that may never happen.


Teresa @ good-grace said...

This phlegm information had me laughing! So true how those "bugs" can wreak havoc on the simplest of things.

That TOASTER in the drawer... yikes. And the dirt and grass on the INSIDE table ... I almost couldn't get past it, to be honest. Piles of earth are not supposed to be IN your home. Oh yes... and nevermind the red butter dish lid hanging precariously from the large crane. (Although it was a cute and clever layout...)

Nikole Batista said...

Hello - a friend just introduced me to your blog. I am actually a Display Coordinator (the person who builds the in-store displays) for Antropologie in MA. It is exciting to see people so excited about our company and our visuals!! If you are still looking for someone to do some interior design for you, I would be happy to oblige!


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