Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 2008

I know I'm kind of late with this post and by now, I'm sure all of you have seen the November catalog, but since it's so so beautiful, I can't imagine seeing it again (and again and again) could hurt. So here are some of my favorite pages, although I must say it was a tough choice since November doesn't disappointed in the least. So many beautiful sweaters, dresses and shoes!

I love the whole train theme which lends a sense of adventure and nostalgia to the catalog.

What a great way to display boots. The steam was a really nice touch.

Has anyone else noticed how the heroins of Anthropologie catalogs are always roughing it when it comes to men? The men that make their appearance in Anthro catalogs are always grizzly and foreign looking. Remember the fisherman from December? Whatever happened to the intellectual types with glasses? Or are those the men Anthropologie heroines leave at home while traveling through Europe? Since Anthropologie caters to professional women with a stable income, I wonder if such women fantasize precisely about the kind of grizzly men that appear in catalogs (always as an accessory), while being in relationships with stable professionals who wear suits and ties and carry a briefcase to work?

The pose and the lighting in this page is beautiful and could have been even more so, had the accessory man looked a little more alive . The arm he has about "his" lady is barely touching her and looks very stiff. I guess it's a tough job to be an accessory to lovely ladies.

Eastern Flyaway Coat - nice, figure flattering, feminine silhouette.

Fire's Path Dress

Tawny Garden Dress - I could never resist this color!


Teresa @ good-grace said...

Is it just me, or does the model in this catalog look like she could be a sister/cousin/etc of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy? She is so striking!!

I love the look of the grizzly man. :) (But I do agree with you on the picture with his arm around the model.)

Heather said...

I was really impressed with the "train theme" of the catalog. I thought it was so lovely!

georgia b. said...

Anthropologie is my favorite place. Not just store--but place. I could go there every day, even if I was not buying anything.

So, of course, I am sure I will enjoy your blog! I just happened upon it. I have enjoyed it already in the couple minutes I have spent here.

I adore the name of your blog. So clever and sweet.

I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Unknown said...

I have been searching for the coat the girl is wearing who is getting off the train. Does anyone know what it is called so, I can look for it on ebay? Thank you


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