Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Arrivals

Many of the new arrivals that are trickling in have French 50's overtones to them. Very feminine and thankfully a little more figure flattering than what we've been seeing so far. Though we are still in the throws of winter (google NY snowstorm), these new styles in fresh, happy colors make me anticipate Spring.

Sun Shades Dress


Anjali said...

Ooh, you listed all of my favorites out of the new arrivals. Although I swapped out the Across the Land Dress for the Past Reflections Pullover. I tried the dress on a few weeks ago and it was less than flattering on me sadly. Although now that I think about it, perhaps a chic French neck scarf might have helped....

Esme said...

That yellow dress is darling. I am keeping my eye on it.


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