Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to March

Yes, I know today is the 3rd and that you've probably seen the March catalog by now. I did plan on posting this two days ago, but occasionally I tend to get busy with stuff that takes priority over blogging. You know, real life.
Anyway, so here's March. My take? I think at the ripe old age of 32 I'm getting too old for Anthropologie. Where are the clothes that hold you in? Or are those too stifling to wear in the jungle that so many of us obviously find ourselves in?

By the way, a minor side point. I've been receiving Anthro catalog since 2005, but haven't received the past two (February and March) in the mail. Wonder if this is another glitch or have I been demoted from receiving catalogs? Of course there's always the remote possibility that the mailman is stealing my Anthropolofie catalogs. He's a creepy dude who make the phrase "went postal" very vivid.

Annona Dress, Pigeon Pea Necklace

Tombolo Dress, Areito Necklace, Lacy View Wedges
Though this page appears horizontally in the catalog, I took the liberty of turning it so that you wouldn't have to bend your necks looking at it.

Drop Me A Line Tee
Very romantic looking picture, but why is she wearing something that looks like it should have been retired in the eighties?

Kingston Road Dress

Quite Blush Dress

Canopy Lookout Dress

Lyonia Jacket,
Looking Up Wide-Legs (Say this out loud a couple of times)

Speckled Grid Dress

Breadfruit Bag
I love love love all the "still-life with accessories" pages!

Nelumbo Kitten Heels

Candy Buckle Clutch

Flights and Fancy Dinnerware

Le Versha Chairs


Shar said...

I was always under the impression that Anthropologie was really meant for women in their 30's and 40's who were already established in their careers to be spending $$$ on kitchy stuff.... but they always have young 20-somethings working in store or modeling for the catalog. It's really confusing.

None said...

I think the clothes just aren't very pretty or whimsical or unique right now. But I am about to go check out the new arrivals on the website - maybe I will change my mind.

Sophie said...

Shar, that was the original intent. Not sure when and why they got derailed.
I will scan some old catalog pages just for kicks. The clothes and the models used to look more sophisticated and seemed better quality too.

Anonymous said...

I stopped receiving the catalogs in the fall. No idea why since I am a fairly regular customer. On the plus side, not seeing the catalogs is better for my bank account.

Sunako said...

Their founder has said that Anthropologie's target customer is, as Shar says, someone who's 35 with a 6-figure income or, someone who's working a creative job (most of their clothes aren't work-appropriate, except in creative fields) with a desire to occasionally splurge.

However, I don't think you've aged out of this brand. It's just that the Jan -Mar catalogues have really missed the mark. Great photography, blah clothes. The clothes are tired safari / 80's resort re-treads.

Aside from a few liamolly sweaters, nothing in these past 3 months' catalogues has really been worthwhile, or interesting. And then, add a bunch of tops and dresses that are just shapeless blobs of jersey, and you get the unimaginative stuff that's not appealing to us.

I'm really hoping that Fall 2011 will have good stuff. I'm expecting a few really pretty dresses in summer, but I've always felt that Anthropologie's strength was in charming, quirky sweaters, which are more of a fall-type thing.

Unknown said...

Ok, asked everyone in my lab- we can't figure out what "Looking Up Wide Legs" is supposed to sound like- help please?

GuestPoster said...

Looking forward to your April 2011 catalog and commentary on the clothes there. :)

One of my fave posts from you blog is this one (Dec. 2007 catalog):

Any advice on sizing for LiaMolly Sweater dreses? Sweaters I size up (usually, from Small to Medium), but I got the SMALL for "Naturally Sweet cardigan" recently. Wondering if you can advise on the dresses............

Sophie said...

Hi GuestPoster,

I've never bought Liamolly dresses so I don't really know how they fit. When it comes to her sweaters, I'm in between sizes, so I size up. I figure since it's a knit, there's always a chance it might shrink in the wash. Then again, you might want a dress to be more fitted than a sweater.


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