Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello dear readers. You might have noticed that it's been a long time since I last posted. Sorry if I disappoint, but I just haven't been inspired lately. Please address all complaints (if there be such) to Anthropologie who let my inspiration run dry. As you can tell, this will be another whining post. Anothropologie and I were very happy together, but then everything changed.
I don't remember precisely at which point my thoughts on receiving a new catalog in the mail went from "What in this catalog can I possibly live without" to "let me see if there's anything wearable here". I suppose it must have happened gradually over the past two years. On one hand it's somewhat liberating not to have to worry about splurging on yet another sweater I can't afford. On the other hand I miss the flow of serotonin which resulted from buying an article of clothing that I knew I will love to wear for years to come.

So here's a little reminder of the Anthropologie I miss.
From Gift 2005 catalog.

Hudson Coat

Sensu Cardigan

Peppermint dress

Velvet Jewelry Boxes
I remember seeing these in the store and I'm
still kicking myself for not bringing one home.

Evening Slumber Skirt (I want!)

Tulle Tuxedo Blouse

Abbey Jacket

Silk accordion skirt

Vanilla Field Coat

Beaded Collage Frames

Notice how original and luxurious the clothes appear. Also, everything seemed more figure flattering back then. I feel like an old timer who says in a screechy voice "I remember when a bottle of lemonade cost two cents". I'm not that old, I promise. Oh dear dear. How I do wish the Anthropologie of yesteryear would return.


None said...

Wow, beautiful catalog images. I found Anthropologie less than three years ago, then I found Anthro blogs. This led to my sudden interest in clothing and I even started my own blog. But Anthropologie is leaving me cold right now, too. I hope things improve.

inkstainedhands said...

I love looking at my old wish lists on the Anthropologie website -- there used to be so many pretty things! I also wish I had bought more things back then.

Willow said...

I feel the same way.

I am an OK seamstress but could never attempt the classic Anthro pieces that make my heart flutter. However, slowly over the last year or so I look at a catalog and realize I could make 98% of whats in there for less then $15 and a few hours of my time.

It is very sad.

Sunako said...

You're not the only one who's noticed a considerable decline in quality and originality in the Anthropologie items.

I think it's been painfully apparent in Jan through April 2011. These last 4 catalogs have been consistently bad-- lots of cheap jersey fluttery pregnancy-looking tops, dresses that aren't that attractive and don't fit particularly well (even on the models in the catalog!), and irrelevant resort stuff.

I've been shopping a lot more at and and it's sad, because Anthro used to be my favorite place of all, and the first place I'd check...

Tamsen Burk Reid said...

I love your blog! And it is sooo true about Anthropologie this year. The clothes lack flare. They are starting to look more Urban Outfitters to me.

M said...

Thank you for this post.
I thought I was the only one thinking this... This made me feel a lot better!
I miss the Anthropologie of the early 00's (hahaha! early 00's :)- still getting used to the term! Time flies too fast)
But truly I miss the times when pieces felt timeless and well curated and unique. And were there weren't that many branches and items (quantity over quality). In 2001 there were only 2 stores in the whole Massachusetts to my knowledge, 10 years later there are 6... I am not against growth or the popularization, but not at the detriment of quality, which I feel is currently happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm AMAZED at how many people still blog about having sizable wish lists...if you walked by the same shirt/sweater/dress or the like gracing anthro's catalogs right now at a'd laugh and feel slightly sorry for the misguided designer...but people are still buying the awful looking anthro's not changing...I miss the old anthro-- almost painfullly!

christinegrah said...

I agree with you and every comment that has been posted. I look at my 2005/2006 catalogs and long for that detail and absolute perfection their clothing had. And yes, it was certainly more figure flattering (to EVERYONE)


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