Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely E-bay Finds

Silk Accordion Skirt from Gift 2005 catalog.
Currently at $24.99 with free shipping

Size - 6
Current Bid - $24.75

Size 4
Current Bid - $15.50
I bought this blazer when it was on sale at Anthropologie
and it's one of my favorite pieces.
It's very feminine and nicely tailored. The front is shorter than the back and may be more of a high waist on a taller frame. I'm 5"2 and the top of the peplum hits me right at the waist.

Size 8
Size - 8
Current Bid - $24.99


Anonymous said...

I love your e-bay picks. Wish Anthro would release cute, floral blazers like those now.
I have that Odille lace skirt - love it!

Real Jane Eyre said...

I love the skirt "Anthropologie Fei blue floral eyelet tiered skirt 6", it's such a pity it's ended!!!


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