Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shoes Sale

My Mother-in-law told me that when she was a little girl living in Russia, her family had one pair of winter boots for all the family members to share - whoever woke up first got to wear them.

On that note, enjoy the shoes sale!

 Sloane T-straps

Bow Buckle Flats

Origami Knot Mary-Janes

Fan-Fringed Flats

 Akomeogi Peep-Toes

Cleary Heels

Fitzgerald Loafers

Fairisle Clog Boots 

Laramie Boots

Disclaimer: You may have noticed that I didn't put up pictures of ALL the sale shoes. That's because I left out the really ugly ones. I never want to be responsible for anyone wearing ugly shoes. 

1 comment:

skippysays said...

Yup, I was born in Russia, and that's definitely true :) I'm drooling over a bunch fo the shoes that hit sale this week!


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