Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Seriously Stylish Grannies

Most of these ladies are over 80. 
Man, I hope if I live to a ripe old age, I'll still have the will 
to get all dolled up like these stylish grannies. 


Rachel said...

That is so me when I am 80. I love the lady in the purple tights.

Emily said...

What a fantastic post!! Such beautiful, stylish and inspirational women!

sacpapier said...

These ladies all exude self confidence and timeless elegance. Something to strive for at any age! Love this.

BmoreLoveLeigh said...

Awesome post! I love seeing such fashionable older ladies doing their thing! I definitely aspire to be that chic when I'm that age. And I feel like when you get to be that age your outfits can be more eccentric because...why not?!?!


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