Thursday, February 9, 2012

Striped Dresses

I've been eyeing Anthropologie's Cinch & Flow Maxi. It looks so comfortable and flattering, I can picture myself wearing it all summer. However, a big turn off for me is that this dress is made of polyester/rayon. How hard is it to incorporate some cotton content in to a dress costing $88? 
Once again, I find myself scouring the web for something similar but more affordable and skin friendly on a hot day. 

Here's what my search yielded. 

60% Cotton, 40% modal


50% supima cotton, 50% micromodal.

Not more affordable, but  Supima Cotton has a good ring to it.

Drawstring Maxi Dress - Neiman Marcus
Supima Cotton/spandex

Oasis Striped Dress - Neiman Marcus
Hemp/Organic Cotton


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GinaBean said...

That old navy dress is very cute!


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