Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy SALE!

The speed with which Anthropologie is relegating new items to sale is just astounding! Seriously, just recently I've posted about new arrivals, and some of the tops and skirt from that post went on sale today. 
Not that I'm complaining. 

So here's the good stuff at much improved prices.

Carolinae Top -$49

Cabled Sweater Tee -$49

Marya Sweater -$69

Linear Gleam Cardigan -$59

Ethereal Pointelle Sweater -$39

Pelmet Top -$49

Adjacent Angles Blouse -$49

A Novel Tee -$39

Upstaged Tee -$49

Swivel Revolution Top -$39

Saxifrage Thicket Top -$49

Coronilla Top -$49

Farren Blouse -$69

Kasuri Pencil Skirt -$69

North Coast Skirt -$49

Paused Movements Skirt -$69

Jade Slant Skirt -$69

Inked Antonia Skirt -$119

Scattered Stellata Dress -$69

Mirrored Truths Dress -$149

Inwood Dress -$79

Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise -$49

Sweetbriar Skimmers -$49

Dipped Azalea Flats -$99

En Pointe Flats -$59

High-Shine Flats -$79

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