Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reviews: Forever Hooked Cardi and Trifecta Cardigan

I'm a little late with this post. I tried on the Forever Hooked Cardi at the same time as the Marya Sweater back in March, but didn't get a chance to write up a review until now. 
What initially attracted me to this cardi was the color ( I tried on Sky, which is actually a minty seafoam), the delicate ruffles and the buttons going up the side of the V-neck. As for the gathers, I like them in the back, but could have lived without them in the front. Anyway, I thought it was worth a try.

Am I hallucinating, or do the ruffles and gathers make me appear 2 sizes larger? Either that, or the camera really does add 10 pounds. 

This sweater looks most attractive from the side, but let's face it, how much use do I have for a sweater that needs to be viewed at a very particular angle?
The cardigan is true to size (I'm wearing XS), but the sleeves are somewhat on the long side. Then again, don't take my word for it since I'm somewhat on the short side. The material is very lightweight, and sadly of poor quality.  Never mind the fact that it's see-through, that doesn't bother me, but it feels like the kind of fabric that will snag and pile after a few wears. A few reviews on-line mentioned that the sweater stretched out, which doesn't surprise me at all. Overall, taking into consideration the quality and the fact that this cardigan does nothing for my figure, I was not at all tempted to make the purchase. What seemed like a good idea on a hanger, really did not translate into a wearable piece for me. 

Next up is  the Trifecta Cardigan. I like all three colors that it comes in, but figured I would get the most wear out of grey. 

The XS that I'm wearing is slightly loose on me. Luckily, I have no liking for clothes that fit like a diver's suit, so just a bit of room to move is fine with me. Despite being a tad loose, I love the way this cardigan drapes. It curves in at the waist which makes it extremely flattering. The material is lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. And the color? Well, judge for yourself. I think it's just the perfect shade of grey, not a dull grey, but an "airy" grey . The yellow was pretty awesome too, the green a bit less so, but still quite nice. If I really had to nitpick, the one thing that bothers me about this cardigan is the way the buttons don't lay flat. They seem to be too heavy for the fabric and are pulling the placket down. I looked at every single one of these cardigans in the store and all of them had this issue. I still think this one's a keeper and I can get a lot of wear out of  it  but wish that for the price, the quality would be top notch. 
 Recently, I purchased the  Pointelle Tie-Waist Cardigan for $22 from Old Navy and quite honestly the quality was very much comparable to the Trifecta Cardigan, if not better. Of course the Trifecta Cardi is more, shall we say, original and sophisticated and that is why Anthropologie charges us the "big bucks". Still,  it would be just dandy if  the quality fit the price. 

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