Friday, June 1, 2012

Anthropologie June 2012 Catalog

I can't believe it's already June! May just whizzed by. 
The June catalog is up on with some worthy offerings.
I'm swooning over the Cut Lace Carryall. And it's got scallops at the top to boot!
My birthday is in July, do I see a new bag in my near future?

What are your favorites?

Parted Paisley Tank

Oleander Openwork Shift

Swallow Dive Halter

Beaded Slub Buttondown

Basketweave Tee

Sea Moss Maxi Skirt

Indigo Shoal Asymmetric Dress

Carolina Poncho

Marled Sweater Tank

Mariposa Lace Dress

Cut Lace Carryall

Capeside Top

Sierra Pitcher

Catalina Quilt

Georgina Bedding

Esperanza Bedding

Bouncing Teapot

Meadowsweet Dessert Plate


kristin said...

Oh, that bag is gorgeous!

Candice R said...

I'm actually swooning over the market tote next to the lace bag, it isn't for sale though... bah!


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