Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Anthropologie Sale Ever!

I'm so excited about today's sale! A whole bunch of styles on my wishlist got discounted, some of which I've been patiently waiting for ever so long. Woohoo!  
The one letdown that I can't hold myself back from mentioning, and I know that the topic has already been chewed over many times, is the obscene shipping fee. I just paid $12.95 for shipping. Insanity! No other retail website that I shop from charges such exuberant shipping charges, and most offer free shipping on a certain amount. Why, oh why can't Anthropologie offer a flat rate? 
This is the only shadow over my otherwise happy sale shopping day. Can't wait for all my lovelies to arrive!

Here's Best Of Sale

I never go around to posting a review for this one, 
but it's absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly 
very flattering. So worth the sale price!

Finally! I was waiting for this one to go on sale since winter.
Sold out on-line, but I just found my size through a store.

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Penniless Socialite said...

I thought today's sale was pretty fantastic. I got the Pollinator Tank and the Acorn Dress. I really do not understand the huge shipping charges, especially since I think Anthro has been skimping and shipping things in envelopes and wrinkling them.

Penniless Socialite


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