Thursday, July 5, 2012

Felt Sculptures At Anthropologie

Perhaps you are into this modern version of the stuffed moose-head or you appreciate the comic mimicry of it enough to place these intricate art pieces by a New York based artist Zoe Williams on your wall. 
Though not quite my cup of tea (having these creatures protrude from my walls is not exactly my idea of coziness. Plus they must be dust magnets), I appreciate the creativity and labor involved in whipping up one of these. Each, one of a kind felt sculpture is needle felted by hand - a slow and painstaking process, considering the size of the finished artwork.  Zoe uses only a single needle and wool to create all of her art work, with the exception of finishing touches such as glass eyes, beads, feathers, and the wood frames on some of the pieces.

Anthropologie, currently offers four pieces by Zoe. They are Crane, Egret, Ibis - each one sold separately at $1,500 a piece (Although, I say: if you're going to buy one, you'll have to get the others too; they seem to go together), and a  Black Swan .

Here are some other works by Zoe, in case you find them eerily appealing.
Check out her website HERE.



Gold Rhino

There are tons of tiny and cute needle felt figurines all over Etsy. 

 I found these guys  on eBay. Cute, aren't they?

Ran-Free Needle Felted Grey Fox

Afghan Hound Dog 

Want to try your hand at needle-felting? Here are some step by step instructions.

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thatdamngreendress said...

love these!! that little felted fox kills me...

I would love to try needle felting someday- I have a cute felted carrot pin I found at a craft fair last year- he had all kinds of foods (including meat!)


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