Monday, August 6, 2012

Huge Anthropologie SALE

Don't you love surprises? I know I do! This week we didn't have to wait till Tuesday for a sale. Anthropologie decided to treat us with one today. In addition to the newly discounted items, there are a whole bunch of second tier discounts, both in clothing and shoes. Every time I tell myself I'm done with shopping for the next five years, Anthropologie trips me up.
Here are some sale highlights:


Montserrat Dress - now $40
This is a second cut for this dress.
It went from $158 to $80 to $40. At this price it's an absolute steal.
Strangely enough, when the dress was $80, all sizes were out of stock on line.
Now that the sale price has gone down by 50%, all sizes seem to be in stock. Go figure.

Sasha Lace Shift - now $80

Acropora Dress - now $80

Melora Dress - now $60

(also in pink)

Mona Dress - now $60

Lasse Dress - now $90


Tussie Tank - now $40

(available in 4 colors)

Capeside Top - now $40

Elixir Loop Top - now $40

Pesse Blouse - now $150

(also in ivory)


Roxanne Skirt - now $100

Esker Maxi Skirt - now $60


(also in black)

Felicie Wedges - now $100

Ilk T-Straps - now $50

Swimmer T-Straps - now $130

See Entire Sale Selection

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