Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Anthropologie Catalog

Leafing through the delightful August catalog, I was taken with all the rich hues, textures and details. As it turns out, I've seen many of these styles earlier, in the New Arrivals section of the Anthropologie website,  but didn't recognize them because of the difference in representation. The vivid colors in the catalog draw you in. They look alive and juicy, whereas the photos on the website, appear cold, lifeless and completely unappealing. I do appreciate Anthropologie making a decision to showcase all styles on a model, as it takes the guesswork out of trying to visualize the garment on a person. However, I think the new style they've adopted for website images completely destroys the appeal of the garment for the online customer. The colors are dulled, while at the same time the contrast is hyped up, creating a very unrealistic and unnerving effect. The models' skin tones are almost non-existent, giving them the appearance of mannequins. The whole effect is just so out of character with the feel of Anthropologie stores that it's really a shame. I was in a store today, and found so many things that I liked, which apparently I completely skipped over on the website.  So that's my five cents on the importance of presentation. Luckily, Anthropologie still puts out catalogs that are a feast for the eyes.

Without further ado, here's August. 

(also on the cover)

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