Monday, October 29, 2012

Anthropologie Furniture 30% OFF, Plus Free Shipping!

Today's treat is a limited time 30% discount on select furniture and Free Shipping on orders of $100 with code AUTUMN. The catch? Free shipping only works on full price items. What you can do to get around this and hopefully get free shipping on your furniture order, is to add a full priced item to your cart. You will still have to pay the oversized fee, but not the regular shipping fee. Luckily, adding a full priced item should not be too hard, since the November catalog is now out, full of new goodies.

Anthropologie furniture tends to be unique and consistent with the whole Anthropologie mystique that we've come to adore. The price tags are usually quite steep, making this furniture a distant dream for so many of us.
On those rare occasions when Anthropologie offers a discount on their furniture we can actually fathom investing into beautiful, high quality decor for our home. Some of the furniture pieces that are included in the sale, like dining chairs and some chests actually end up being under $200! 

My most coveted furniture pieces that are now on sale are:
Clarissa Dining Chair in Turquoise 
and the Cotswold Sofa, which I lovingly stroke every time I'm in one of the Anthro stores.

Available in 4 colors.

Available in 3 colors.

Also in Brown.

Also in Yellow.

Available in 3 colors.

Also in Orange.

Also in Grey Motif.

Available in 5 colors.

This chair looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.
Just the thing for your next Mad Tea Party.

Sofas and  Settees 


This bed is so magical! 
It's too bad that even after the 30% off I can only dream about it.

Also in Neutral.

Chests and Nightstands


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