Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Collection of Oddities

With the holidays approaching, retailers are gearing up their merchandising engines in order to present us, the consumers with a wide and exciting array of gift purchase possibilities. The fun part about this, is the collection of highly amusing, overpriced oddities that usually makes an appearance at  Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I always get a kick out of browsing these and trying to imagine who and why would invest into some of this stuff.

Cornelis Souvenir Vase - $348

Bozeman Furnace  - $2,100

Ok, this one's totally up my alley. Of course you can 
find them in abundance on eBay and Etsy.

Music, done the old-fashioned way. Here's the description from
"This well-constructed ceramic amplifier adds an echo and bellow unlike any speaker or stereo. Fitted on a solid wood stand, this megaphone relies solely on its unique design and requires no electricity. Compatible with iPhones and the iPod Touch."

Very attractive, but I doubt it's practical. Wonder if it will give splinters.

Pretty! I like the little nest in the center.

Totally awesome stoneware birdhouses. 
Question is, would you actually put these out outside for birds?

Handpainted. No two are exactly alike. Looks like
something that belongs in the female equivalent's of a Mad Hatter, house.

Available in an array of colors.
That's right, for the price of a dignified-size diamond ring, you can own a lovely-hued 
paddleboard. Then again, if you can afford this paddleboard, you can probably afford the diamond ring as well.

Handmade in England and totally looks like something one would
ride through an English countryside. Or Central Park.

Kinda cute, but what would fit into it?

Handmade of bamboo and equipped with parts kit and tracker cartridge by Music Hall Audio.

Ok, I have to admit, this thing is quite attractive. If it was under $80
I might have considered buying it. Not that I own any records.

Yup, it's a log with speakers. No two are exactly alike.
Given the price,  I don't get it either.

No speakers on this one. Just a charger.
Yet after the iTree, this seems like a bargain. 
Anthropologie has a way of messing with our heads.

Antique Sculptors Stand - $1,400
Just the thing for that marble bust that's been collecting dust in your closet.

This handmade table is magical! It looks like it 
belongs in the Snow Queen's (Brother's Grimm) palace. 
Anthropologie also has a matching dining table, chair and bench. 
Wish I could afford it and so wish I had the kind of house it would actually fit into.

Who wouldn't want a ram bust on their wall? 
They look better in pairs, don't you think?

This one's my favorite.
That's right, you did not hallucinate this. Anthropologie is selling a chicken coop. 
My only question is, if you have a yard and you're the type to actually put up a chicken 
coop in it, aren't you also by default the type to bang one together yourself?
If the answer is no, and you must have a ready-built chicken coop, 
William-Sonoma sells a variety of them for a fraction of Anthropologie's price. 

This one takes the ball for being the oddest contraption currently for sale at Anthropologie.
A One-of-a-kind Rickshaw. 
Granted, it's a masterpiece of a Rickshaw, what exactly does one do with it?
I guess you must be a serious collector of one-of-a-kind weird contraptions to 
invest into this thing.

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