Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Made In Kind Styles At Anthropologie

Some of the new Made In Kind styles are a vivid reminder that not everything sold at Anthropologie should be normal people. Of course there are always a few wackos who would wear anything for the shock factor and pay through the roof for it too. I will not elaborate at this time on which of the new styles bellow fit into "only worn by wackos" category. Make your own assumptions. I will say that with just a few exceptions, most of the new Made In Kind arrivals are quite lovely and whimsical and have a lot to offer.

"Inspired by crisp autumnal morning in the English countryside."

Lula's Pear Dress

Pixie's English Birds Buttondown

Lula's Bowtied Tee

Fleur's Hydrangea Dress

Fleur's Hydrangea Dress

Alexandra Grecco
I love the clean lines, the silk content and the understated glamour of this collection.

Falling Wing Dress

Little delicate wings hand painted on this silk dress.

Lulu Dress

Sunday Dress

Wish this dress was a little longer.

Karinska Tulle Skirt (Sky)

Velvet Sophie Bolero

Gretta Bustier

Karinska Tulle Skirt (Ivory)

Brocade Sophie Bolero

Tap Dance Dress

Icicle Dress

Epic by JF & Son

Ombre Pleated Shirtdress

Ombre Mini Dress

Beaded Collar Tee

Beaded Manhattan Blouse

Place Nationale
A few new, one-of-a-kind styles by Place Nationale appeared yesterday on Anthro site. 
Today, most of them are marked as sold.
The two dresses below are the only ones that still seem to be available.

Handcrocheted Swing Dress


JewishGirlBlog said...

I love tulle skirts in theory, but I don't think I would ever have occasion to actually wear one!

thatdamngreendress said...

Oh, I have a J F & sons dress from a couple of years ago- nice to see them at Anthro. I love the ombre shirtdress!!


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