Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anthropologie Tag Sale Awesomeness

The much anticipated Anthropologie tag sale is here! I tried to keep my expectations low so as not to be disappointing, but turns out that wasn't necessary. So many items on my wish list went on sale, my head is spinning! There are tons of fresh mark downs in almost every department, including clothing, accessories, shoes and home decor. In addition, there's a 20% discount on furniture and lamps for a limited time. There are also a lot of second cuts. Woohoo!
The one thing I'm perplexed about is what the heck happened to flat rate shipping? All last week, when I browsed Anthropologie website, I saw a sign in the upper left corner, $8.95 flat rate shipping. I thought that rate was here to stay, but today the shipping charges went back to their usual, obscene rates. I didn't want to waste time when I was placing my order, but I should really call customer service to inquire. 

Anyhow, without further ado, here are some sale highlights.


Also available in Petite


Available in 4 colors

Available in 4 colors




I will try to put up more stuff later in the day, as baby B permits. 

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