Friday, June 14, 2013

Anthropologie Worthy

The loveliest new arrivals have sprung up at Anthropologie this week. Sadly the Sunburst Midi Dress, which I was so hopefully  awaiting did not make it to our shores. Ordering it from the UK would be sheer madness since it might not fit and I would have to send it back. Sigh...
Ok, lets focus on the positive. I'm positively drooling over these!

I love love love the Neon Bloom Maxi Dress, but why must it have that
opened, gaping back? Some of us over the age of thirty cannot possibly pull 
off that look. And how do you wear a bra under this dress? 

The whimsical, "pen doodles" pattern on this jacket makes me smile.
As for the Calvi Lacework Shorts, I'm impressed with Anthropologie's knack for recycling 
tablecloth fabric. 

1 comment:

thatdamngreendress said...

Hot damn- I must have missed some of those! Love the pasaje jacket and Riviera dress- must keep an eye on this Pesquira label...


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