Monday, July 14, 2014

Best Of New Markdowns

Last night we got back from our family summer vacation. As always, going is great, but coming back is so tedious. This morning went from bad to worse. The baby woke up too early and consequently's been cranky the whole day. He refuses to sleep, nothing consoles him, and that huge load of laundry that we came back with, is still waiting for me. The house is a mess, there's so much I wanted to accomplish, but this little person here rules the nest. 
While he was busy throwing cheerios out of his bowl one by one, I managed to post a little bit of today's sale. I'm sure I missed something, but here are some of my favorite styles from among new markdowns


Available in 3 colors

Also in black stripe



Diem said...

I always love your Anthro picks!

Diem said...

I also love your picks!

Unknown said...

I completely know what you mean!! My son is almost three, and my day rarely goes according to plan... Retail therapy always helps me have a good day though. Especially if it's Anthro. ;)



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