Thursday, December 17, 2015

Analyzing Anthropologie's Manly Gifts

I'm always at a loss as to what to get my husband for any occasion. In my mind, men seem to be so difficult to shop for. What do men like already? Tools? Gadgets? My husband is not a "fixer-upper" type, and he is not particularly into gadgets. What's left?

Based on Anthropologie's manly gift pickings (in a gift collection, entitled "He's The Man"), it seems that men have only three pleasures in life: alcohol, coffee and steak.

Oh yeah, there's that lone coffee-table book about Arctica for $125. I guess, frozen wastelands are very manly too...

A is for Alcohol, B is for Booze

But where will he keep the booze stuff? 
Why, they thought of everything!

What will he drink out of?

The Man in the life of an Anthro Woman is not only a heavy drinker, he also enjoys mixing his lady a cocktail of choice. So give him a gift that will keep on giving!
The Essential New York Times Book Of CocktailsCarry-On Cocktail Kit

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Bourbon Cherries

Not satisfied yet? 
There is more cocktail gear for your fella at ModCloth:
Gifts for Guys - Tequila MockingbirdGifts for Guys - Face the Facets Glass SetGifts for Guys - Creative Concoction DIY Cocktail KitGifts for Guys - The Architecture of the CocktailGifts for Guys - Spirit of the Good Times Homemade Gin KitGifts for Guys - How to Host a Beer Tasting Party KitGifts for Guys - Taste of Luxury Cocktail ShakerGifts for Guys - Suave Sipping Glass Set

After putting all the drinking supplies to good use, 
you might as well pull out his real gift!
Cardi Har Har Men’s Tee - Holiday, Gifts2015, Guys, Long, Cotton, Knit, Blue, Multi

Ok, let's get back to the Anthro Man,

C is For Coffee
Frosted Glass Coffee CarafeThe Curious Barista's Guide To Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Blend Set

I have to tell you, the people who come up with these gifts know what men really want! It's a briefcase; it's a grill, it's a ....Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill. I came upon this at Uncommon Goods, and I just wanted to do you all a favor and put it right here for you. Notice the picture has no meat in it. I guess they didn't want to offend the vegetarian customers. You never know with these modern men. They might just long for a porta-grill to grill all those farmers market zucchinis.

Aren't women just so much easier to shop for? They like everything! Especially if it's shiny, expensive, and comes in small packages. No occasion necessary!

Happy Gifting!!!

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