Monday, November 26, 2007

Anthropologie Customer Service

I received a call from Anthropologie customer service today regarding the Soft Focus dress mishap (See previous posts). The rep apologized for not getting in touch with me sooner and told me that they investigated the matter and found that I wasn't delusional.
They will update the picture on to show the new version of the dress. In the mean time I was issued a full refund, including the shipping charges. She also told me that a $30 coupon was mailed out to me as a compensation for my trouble.
Ok, I have to admit I am now pacified. That is what I call Customer Service. It helps to know your favorite store cares about it's customers. So, Anthropologie, we're back in business! It's just as well, since my wedding anniversary is coming up in December and where else would I send my husband to shop for my gift but Anthropologie?


jade said...

So glad to hear that!!! When I read your previous posts I couldn't believe how crazy that was, the dresses were so different.

Glad they resolved that for you! : )

Anonymous said...

I had a poor customer care experience yesterday in their London Regent Street store. Upon entering the store I was told to leave my umbrella by the door as I was told this was for Health & Safety as the floor cannot get wet (how about footwear?). I left it, but didn't really want to.

After making a purchase I returned to collect my umbrella (it was raining hard all day in London) and it had disappeared. The shop assistant contacted the Store Manager who later appeared and said there was nothing she could do. I explained that I was told to leave it there, that there is no sign to say 'Left at customer's own risk'. After deliberation for about 5 minutes she went off and about 10 minutes later she presented us with a used umbrella, allegedly from 'Lost Property'. I exclaimed that I didn't want another persons umbrella but my own. She simply replied saying 'I'll leave it by the door - there's nothing more I can do'. Certainly not good Store Managerial care.

I needed an umbrella as it was raining hard and I had a baby buggy with me so I took the umbrella she offered. Outside I opened the umbrella to find it to be broken. I went back to the store and asked for the Manager. She obviously wanted to avoid me and the situation further as I never go to see her. I was told she was 'somewhere out the back'. Another assistant came in her place and had greater customer care but even though very apologetic said there was nothing she could do and if they sold umbrellas in the store she would have given me one, In the end she presented me with a Gift Coupon, although I do not know its monetary value until I go back. This is the outcome I expected the Store Manager to have suggested in the very first place and am shocked at her poor level of customer care at management level.

I hope others do not encounter this situation. It was ironic that whilst I was waiting the second time round, customers were entering freely from the street with their wet umbrella's!!!

ANTHROPOLOGIE Regent Street - Please take greater care of those that spend in your store. In these economic times its is easy not to return.


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