Sunday, December 2, 2007

Anthropologie December Catalog

The December catalog has some interesting stories, promising items and beautiful photography. The cover photo is especially refreshing. I like the winter garden on the model's head. Thank you Anthropologie for giving me something out of the ordinary to lay eyes on.

Two stories unfold in this catalog. The first is of a lady who looks clearly out of place living in a fisherman village (Maybe she's just visiting?). She dresses in Bohemian fashion, does not brush her hair, and hangs out with a retarded looking lad (A husband? A brother? Both?)

The second story is more optimistic in my opinion . A beautiful red-head in a wall-papered house without furniture but with plenty of flowers sprinkled on the floor. There's something surreal and whimsical in these images. They make you feel like you've landed in some kookoo wonderland. I love the vibrant, happy colors. Whatever it is, at least it's not boring like some catalogs we know (I won't mention any names).

What about the clothes? We all know that Anthropologie is in the market of selling a "Feel". By the time we're hooked on the feel we don't even care that the clothes are unwearable and Anthropologie is damn good at getting us hooked on that feel. Still, at the end of the day Anthropologie is the only place where I can find something I like, something unusual and girly and well made. There is no other store that sells clothes that are "special" in this price range. It's true that not every single Anthropologie item is a hit (Will post more on this topic soon), but where else can I find a skirt with embroidery on it or a retro yellow jacket without the retro smell? Do we all want to be wearing retro-looking yellow jackets? That's another story.
Anthropologie is designed for ladies who have some imagination. Usually they're in a world of their own, but occasionally they run into other ladies or gentlemen with some imagination and then they get complimented on their yellow jackets and embroidered skirts.

Sandwiched in between the "Fisherman village" story and the "Red-head in her own happy place" story are home decor and accessories pages. Some nice items here....
The iron scroll bed is a work of art. Nice peacock pillow. Is it worth $148? I guess it all depends on what you're making....

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I can't wait to get it. You always see it before it lands in my mailbox.

You posted a comment on my blog about the coat I just bought. I found the exact coat online the other night in brown and black for way cheap. Check out the same post on Material Girl for a link.


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