Monday, December 31, 2007

Inside the box

Gift boxes from Anthropologie - how exciting! You don't know what's within, but there are so many wonderful possibilities! (Despite the logo's mysterious placement on the inside of the box, there was no mistaking the look of Anthropologie.)

This post is long overdue, since our wedding anniversary was in the beginning of December, but I finally downloaded the pictures to share with you, my fellow Anthropologie fans.

The husband and I have a long history of unexciting gifts. The way it used to work for us is that I would start dropping hints about two month before our anniversary, and husband would ignore those hints because he figured he wants my present to be a complete surprise. Getting me what I hinted about would make him too predictable and rob him of the glory of going out and finding me a perfect present all on his own. A noble sentiment, but never quite worked out in real life. First, the husband would scavenge the Internet for some unique and unpredictable gift. Then he would give up on the Internet and spend days (What dedication!) going in and out of shops, confused and disoriented. Finally, he would admit to himself that he is out of his league and get me something with a good return policy. I, of course never knew what to get him either, so I would just end up getting him books every year, which he seemed quite content with.
Anyway, to make a long story short, this year husband finally caught on that getting me a present from Anthropologie is a pretty safe bet. Comes our anniversary, husband is feeling pretty confident, knowing that for the first time in seven years he did well in the present buying sphere. I got him two books again and he seems happy (Took him all of two days to read both).
So here I am presented with two delicious Anthropologie boxes (Aren't the fuzzies they use instead of ribbon just adorable?).
And here's what's inside. A lovely embroidered sweater and...

Shweshwe dinner plate and serving bowl. At least I think it's a serving bowl. It looks like a funky flower pot. Whatever it is, it's very original and beautiful. The Shweshwe stoneware is handmade in Africa and is inspired by vivid patterns of shweshwe cloth.

Thank you Hubby!

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