Monday, December 17, 2007

Lovely in T-Straps

The 1920's in America were times of great change. Coming out of the horrors of the First World War, society exploded in million different directions. The twenties saw women voting, the Harlem Renaissance, prohibition, and an incredible burst of affluence for the middle class. Automobiles and electric appliances made people's lives easier and gave them more leisure time.
A new breed of young women emerged in the twenties, referred to as Flapper. They wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to the new Jazz music, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered "acceptable" behavior. The flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, driving automobiles, drinking, smoking and otherwise flouting conventional social and sexual norms.
In Short, Flappers were young, beautiful, fashionable women who knew how to have fun. Do you see where I'm heading with all this? T-Straps! What were you thinking? Those lovely Flappers wore lovely T-Strap shoes. Recently (or at this point not so recently) t-straps have made a major comeback and I do like them, oh, so much! I just can't seem to put them out of my head. No other shoes have ever made me feel this way.

Here are some nice T-Straps from Anthropologie

Scene-Stealing T-Strap by Chie Mihara - $348

Patchwork T-Strap - $98 (How cool can a shoe get?)

Absinthe Heels - $298

Licorice Stick T-Strap - $168 at Anthropologie, $159 at (Frye, Women's Lisa T-strap)

Nina Dolls Women's Any Time Pump - $78.95 from (Also available in black). Anthropologie calls these Dashwood Wedges and sells for $88
Did I mention Endless has a Free Overnight shipping promotion?

I found these Skechers Soho Lab Women's Aadi T-Strap on
for $59.46
These T-Strap flats look cute and functional. For those of us who need to walk around, not just sit and look pretty, these shoes might be a good compromise between style and comfort.

For dressier occasions check out Women's Chum by Kenzie - $55.99 from Endless


LOGUE said...

Roaring T-straps

kiah leigh said...

hi! please please you have to tell me where i can buy these t strap Absinthe Heels !! I NEED THEM! my email is


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