Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ugly Ducklings

Occasionally Anthropologie comes out with styles that just make one ask WHY? Whenever that happens, I always tell myself there must be some Anthropologie shopper out there, who for reasons incomprehensible to me, will appreciate these bizarre items. However, the shoes below are just completely off the map in my opinion. Do tell me if I'm wrong on this.

Exhibit A is Pristine Lace Ups with a price tag of $268. Where exactly does one wear these, to play golf? Hang out in the country club? I'd personally feel totally ridiculous walking down the street in them.

Next up are the Cartwheel Heels shoes - $278. A Zebra pattern? That's right up there with leather pants and leopard print sweaters. Yeeek.

Miss Prism Slingbacks - $398 (They've got to be kidding!) Would anyone in their right mind wear these, much less pay $398 for them?! Maybe I don't understand fashion. Maybe there's a crazy fashionista out there who would feel glamorous in these, who knows?

Steppe Lively Sandals - $258. Nice shoes.....if you're a Gladiator!

Perforated Peeptoes - $278. They have the look of orthopedic shoes my Grandma used to wear (just with a bigger heel). I wonder if overpricing ugly shoes actually works in inspiring shoppers to purchase them?

Memory Lane Boots - $178. Memory lane is where these boots should have been left.



I think these are even uglier than the sweaters a blogged about a while ago! Bad bad footwear!

Sen said...

it's all a matter of opinion
i personally like the pristine lace-ups..they look like nice repetto jazz shoes

Anonymous said...

OH dear, those are indeed misses, yeesh!

Melissa said...

Every girl in London has had a pair like the Pristine lace-ups for the past 3-5 years now.

If people in your neighborhood aren't wearing them, they might seem strange to you.


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