Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Official, Fall Is Here!

September is upon us and you know what that means. Kids go back to school and mommies go back to Anthropologie to get themselves a little (Or big) reward for surviving the summer. Conveniently, the September Anthropologie catalog is not lacking in goodies.
The first story in the catalog looks like it might have been shot at the Guggenheim of Bilbao, though I'm not sure. On one hand, what kind of a catalog budget would Anthropologie need to have to shoot it in Spain? On the other hand they did shoot the March and April catalogs in Morocco so I wouldn't put it past them . If someone can positively identify this building, I'd really love to know. The second story's got some gorgeous clothes, oh and I do love the look of wheat fields. Elegant meets wholesome.
I don't know why this outfit made it into the catalog. She looks like she raided her grandfather's closet.

Ever read about color therapy? There should be a study made about Anthropologie therapy. Women go to Anthropologie for therapeutic reasons and husbands need therapy when they see the credit card bill.


Ro said...

I love my Anthropologie catalogs. My earliest ones date back to 2006, probably even 2005. That building looks like the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

The Closet Therapist said...

Hi Sophie-I just found your blog. Clever name! I love Anthropologie too and could spend hours there. Unlike you, I am drooling over sweaters and can't wait to get a break from the Houston heat.

Come visit me at my blog. I'd like to do a blog exchange if you are interested.

Have you seen the movie Penelope? You would love it for the fashion alone. It's an Anthropologie girl's dream!!


Sarah said...

hi there! just wanted to introduce myself...i'm sarah and i've been a reader of your blog for a while, so i decided to make one, too, to blog about my anthro faves. i agree with what another person posted. it looks like it was shot in LA.

Kali Ramey Martin said...

If one was to spend exactly $62 (a gift card0 at Anthropologie, what would one buy?

Sophie said...

So many things, kmart!
EXACTLY $62 might be a bit challenging, but you can add a bit to it and buy a blouse for $88, or half a sweater, or a hat and gloves! There's also the home department where you can get plenty of things with your gift card. Enjoy!

Kali Ramey Martin said...

thanks! here's what i got:


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