Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swimwear Sale

Yippie! Athleta is having a major swimwear sale. You can get half a bathing suite starting at $19, whereas their original swimwear prices used to start at $49 for half of a bikini. As much as I dislike overspending, I did splurge on a full price Athleta bikini once and it's my favorite one. The quality is good and I love the colors. Athleta makes tons of mix and match pieces which is good for mummies like myself with something to hide :-).
As you can see I still can't part with summer. I just can't help myself. Summer is my favorite season and it flies by way too quickly in NY. What better way to properly say farewell to summer than to stock up on some sale swimwear. Folks at Athleta, if you'd like to thank me for the promo by sending me a free bathingsuite, you know where to find me. Happy Swimming!

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