Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Aprons

Behold the evolution of the common household apron. No longer just a piece of horrendously hued, shapeless broadcloth strapped on to protect our clothes, Anthropologie aprons come in a wide variety of styles and fun patters to brighten up our mundane chores (and make us appear easier on the eyes of onlookers). Retro, shabby chic, French maid fantasy, crafty mama and everything in between, whatever your style may be, these aprons will make you dance around your kitchen (would also make a nice supplementary gift to jewelry, hint, hint).

Sewing Basket Apron

Sweet & Lucky Apron

Parisian Cafe Apron

Owl Invasion Apron

Farm Fresh Apron

Floral Frock Apron

Big Frills Apron

Stockholm Floral Apron

3-D Toile Full Apron (also comes in half-apron)

Jitterbug Apron

Fruit Stand Apron


Anonymous said...

omg, that parisenne cafe apron and the owl invasion one are *too* cute. want want want :)

Barb Chansky said...

I want a whole dress, not a apron:)

Anonymous said...

Would you consider wearing one out & about (i.e. over jeans & a tank) as a fashion statement? Maybe you could start a trend in a Sienna Miller-ish way...

Anonymous said...

I love the Owl apron! Must put on my wish list! :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those aprons, but I would terrified of getting anything on it, regardless of that being its initial purpose!

freckled1 said...

How about getting an apron to protect the apron?

Sophie said...

Anonymous1 (Perhaps you can just make up a name next time so that I don't have to refer to you as anonymous1),
I wouldn't wear one out & about. I think I'm too old for that kind of trend setting attention. It'll be like "why is she wearing an apron?"

I know exactly what you mean about being terrified of getting these dirty. I confess, I only wear my Anthropologie apron when I have company. It's my "festive" apron. For every day I still wear my old "blah" apron.
I did receive a lot of compliments on my festive apron when I wore it.

Marta said...

Hi Sophie,

I've been lusting after the owl apron for some time now. Hopefully it'll go on sale. I was wondering how you were able to post such clear pics from the Anthro site? As well as the zoomed in ones? I know the site is run on Flash so the quality isn't the greatest when saving a pic or using it for Polyvore. TIA!

sharerie said...

i have the owl invasion one. it is so fun to wear :) and i've worn it out of the house before, but only outside of my house.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Those aprons are adorable!

Check out the Emmeline
Reversible Apron at this


It looks like a cute dress.

I came by way of on of
Elsa Mora's blogs.

If you do not trust the link
look up Emmeline Apron and a
link to her old blog and a link
to the patterns should show up
on her new blog. Her new blog
is called Sew Liberated. Her old
blog is called, Montessori by Hand.

It might be best to look her
up sents I can not check out
to see if the link works b/4
you approve, my comment.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


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