Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Impressions

There's nothing about the January catalog that says "January". I know retailers are always ahead of seasons, but it's still winter where I am. Hopefully by the time I'll be in spring mode, most of this January goodness will go on sale.

With-The-Sun blouse - $98
So delicate and feminine, this one is a personal favorite.

Willow's Weep dress - $218
It's completely beyond me what is it about this dress that justifies the price.

Waiting-for-Poems sheath - $178
Lovely colors and embroidery.

Every time I receive a new Anthropologie catalog, I play "name that place" game, whereby I try to figure out where this catalog might have been shot. This looks like Europe, but definitely not France or England. Prague? Latvia? Poland? What do you think?
View From Above cardigan - $88

This picture of Prague looks like the background on page 5.

The-Road-Ahead dress - $188
This will sound complete fashion-backward, but how do you wear a bra with this dress? And if you don't...well that poses even more problems...

Happenstance pencil skirt - $118
This is another one of those Anthropologie bloopers. Apperently every catalog needs one. The combination of garish colors and patterns on this skirt makes my skin crawl. The backlit photo is gorgeous though.

Cirrus Bedding


Anonymous said...

i think the willow's weep dress is by rachel pally, which has a high price point to begin with and is not (totally) anthropologie's typical ridiculous markup nonsense.

i love the cirrus bedding -- reminds me of the earlier kissing pleat bedding, but in a beautiful spearmint shade!

Kali Ramey Martin said...

Waiting for Poems Dress will be mine.

Barb Chansky said...

Love the bedding (though I think it will clash with the paint on my bedroom walls)

Anonymous said...

J'adore Anthropologie! I must get in there soon...
Marvelous blog!

Anonymous said...

I too was thinking Prague! Wherever it is, I wish I was there. :-)

Joyti said...

I like the "on the road" dress in this month's catalog, but I cannot see myself wearing it.
I think the retailers are always behind until March, 'cause my birthday is in late February, and the stores are mostly full of Christmas leftovers until the weak after the birthday...bad for presents!

L. Goodrich said...

I was just wondering where this catalog was shot. It MIGHT be Prague - they sure went out of their way not to get any distinguishing landmarks or signs in their shots - but it doesn't quite *feel* like Prague. I stayed there for a month one summer, and it just has a very distinct feel. That being said, much as I would like it to be a place I've been so I can recognize it, I just don't think it is! Could it be Spain or the Netherlands? Maybe Portugal?

Anonymous said...

I always try to guess the places in their catalogues. This is definitely Eastern Europe, and i am inclined to believe it might be the city of Sighisoara, Romania. It's a very beautiful city!
1. http://todosviajes.com/sighisoara-conservada-y-hermosa-ciudad-medieval-habitada-de-europa/
2. http://cache.virtualtourist.com/2520084-Travel_Picture-Sighisoara.jpg
3. http://www.pixdaus.com/?sort=tag&tag=sighisoara

Sophie said...

Thanks for the links. These pictures are beautiful!
How I wish I could travel to all these wonderful places...


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