Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Heads up!
Checking my Anthropologie wish list today was very satisfying, as a whole bunch of winter stuff went on sale, including the adorable kid's knits I've been admiring in one of the previous posts.

The only thorn in my sale euphoria is the shipping fee. Anthropologie has this retarded way of calculating and overpricing shipping charges based on item's price, not the weight. Will I ever see the day when Anthropologie adopts a standard shipping fee like so many other on-line retailers?


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%!! It is so exciting to see something you like marked on sale, and then the disappointment sets in once tax & shipping is added. I too have often wondered why Anthropologie has such ridiculous shipping prices. Especially when their partner stores (ie: Urban Outfitters/Free People) are a bit more standard.

"Anthropologie, it's a new year...so, why not make a new resolution & change your shipping charges?" Especially in this economy!

jacquelyn said...

I totally agree. The shipping fe is outrageous and dfrives me away from purchasing. Back when they offered free shipping to Anthro card people I ordered a small fortune. When they offered free shipping with $200 purchase last month I placed four orders.

I am forced to buy most stuffonline as my store is small and only carries limited sizes. Very frustrating. So, I order and do a lot of returns---even more frustrating!

Stacie said...

Yes! The shipping charges are pretty much the only reason I don't buy a bunch of stuff from Anthro. I don't live near a store so online is my only option but I can't swallow the high fees.

Sophie said...

"New Year, new (lower)shipping charges" sounds good, Athena.

Who ever heard of a $13 shipping fee?
I can get my son pants for that price in Children's Place (TWO pairs when on sale!). All my feathers are ruffled.
Damn, damn, beloved Anthropologie.

jacquelyn said...

I just made this comment on another blog, but since it is germane here....I ordered the labyrinthine tee today because I really love it. It just about killed me to pay the shipping fee, though. If it had not been on sale and I would not have bothered. Plus, I already have it in grey so it is a "known quantity" and therefore I feel like paying the shipping fees is a gamble worth taking.

Generally when I place an order I put as many things in as possible so if I have to return something the shipping fee is not as hard to swallow. And believe me, I return plenty...I make many more returns at the storethan purchases.

blue moss said...

hi...just stumbled on your blog...so fun!!
i totally agree, i get to the part where the shipping is added in and then i walk away from the computer. i would buy SO much more with free shipping....

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - I have hunted and hunted all over the internet looking for a free shipping promo and never found one. I did though call 888-286-9031 and explained that I'm wanting to buy 2 items but the shipping is holding me back. The nice man apologized and said that if I ordered with him right now over the phone he would give me free shipping. It's worth a shot, it worked with me.


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