Thursday, November 4, 2010

Most Bizarre Glitches in Old Navy Site

Yesturday, Old Navy was running a one day 30% off promotion. I wanted to order a few items for my kids that I already had saved in my shopping cart. As I revisited my cart, I noticed that one item that had priveously been there, was missing. I searched for it high and low on Old Navy website, but it was not to be found. I then did a Google search for it and clicked on a link that was supposed to take me directly to that product page on OldNavy. com. The link took me to a page that said "Oops, this page no longer exists". I though, oh well, this item must be sold out.

Today, I had an impulse to revisit Old Navy site. I went into the kids wear category where the item I missed out on used to be, and lo and behold it was there again! Right there, available in ALL sizes.
What the heck?! It mysteriously disappeared off the site yesterday and reappeared again today!
Can anyone explain to me this bizarre occurrence?

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