Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ode to Audrey

When I think of Audrey Hepburn, I think of her as a paragon of simple unpretentious elegance. She believed that under-dressing is better than overdressing. Without unnecessary ruffles and frills, the key to Audrey's style was in clean well tailored, figure flattering lines.
"Digging" through ModCloth, I was glad to find a nice variety of a-la Audrey styles.

Publicist Dress
Completely in love with this one!

Toast of the Town Coat

I'm a little bit obsessed with coats and this one meets all of my qualifications
for an unusual color, texture and feminine silhouette.

Sweetheart of Mine Dress

AM Shower Jacket

Dinner Date Dress

Ambitious Endeavors Dress

Making Introductions Dress

Cover Model Dress

Cinnamon and Cloves Dress

Girl Monday Dress

Queen of the Chess Club Dress

Picture how amazing this sweater dress would look with a pair of nice, knee high boots!

Forrest Assured Jacket

Museum Curator Dress

Dusk Flurries Coat


Chrissy said...

I'm swooning over here! So many gorgeous pieces!!!! I love ModCloth!

Sarah (Oh Pretty Day) said...

Wow, such cute pieces! Those are definitely Hepburn-esque!

Sunako said...

If you like the "Publicist Dress" and "Making Introductions Dress," take a look at the designer's other stuff. The designer is Suzabelle and her website (with the complete lookbook for the current season and past seasons) is

I've also bought a number of coats by Suzabelle and will wear them forever!

Sophie said...

Thanks Sunako, I love Suzabelle's designs!

Anonymous said...

I love that they have a wishlist on that site. I'm so glad you are reviewing other brands besides Anthropologie (love Anthro but sometimes a bit too pricey).


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