Monday, April 2, 2012

Love At First Sight

No, this is not a post about how I met my husband. Though he proved to be a keeper, it took around three years to come to that conclusion. Rather, this post is an ode to my second love - shoes! Just think, there are horrible, dark places on this planet, where people own only one pair of ugly, sensible shoes. Even worse, in some places, people don't wear shoes at all! I shudder when I think of  how the cosmic forces might have arranged themselves differently, making me a gloomy, shoe-less inhabitant  of one of those places. How fortunate I am to be living in the land of plenty of shoes!

Home Sweet Home Peep-Toes 

Oh my God! My pulse is racing! Have you ever seen a more beautiful, whimsical pair? Oh sweet darlings, how happy we could be together! Alas, the above mentioned husband intends to keep us apart. He thinks my shoes collection is quite adequate as is. The cruelty! No man can ever understand the beautiful bond a woman shares with her favorite pair (or ten pairs) of shoes.
These shoes are also available in red at ModCloth.

Tapetti Kitten Heels

Bold-Tone Spectators

Mint Mallow Peep-Toes

Interlinking Pinnate Flats

Hanako Flats

Ruled & Reasoned Sandals

Tone-Wrapped Peep-Toes

Also available in a black combo from Endless.

Sweetbriar Skimmers

Ilk T-Straps

Found a third color combo at Endless.


Emily said...

Ahh I certainly fell in love with them all too. The Mint Mallow Peep-Toes= give me!!

Pamela said...

The tone wrapped peep toes are calling my name!!
Men just don't get the love affair women have with shoes. I've given up trying to explain. It falls on deaf ears :-)

Teresa Herbert said...

It makes me so mad to live in Canada. The Mint Mallow Peep Toes actually made me gasp the first time I saw them. But, alas they are sold out online in my size and Anthropologies up in the far north don't sell shoes.


Pamela said...

FYI-Endless has the pastel version of those dang shoes! Free shipping and a few bucks cheaper to boot!!

thatdamngreendress said...

ha- I've been eyeing those mint mallow lovelies too!

Love the floral print pumps too! And my man is the same- just doesn't understand the myriad ways that all these lovelies combine to make our wardrobes whole!


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