Friday, November 23, 2012

Gorgeous New Sweaters + 20% OFF

Just when I thought there's nothing in particular that I'm dying for at Anthropologie, a few new arrivals came in to haunt me. Maybe I'll be taking advantage of the 20% OFF after all. And here I thought I was so good about not spending. Damn you, Anthropologie!

These new styles remind me of the "old Anthropologie" when every piece of clothing was a work of art. I love the rich textures and the attention to detail. Hope this is just a glimpse of more wonderful things to come.


roxyturtle said...

Looooove that Velveteen coat!

Sophie said...

Met too! Can't wait to try it on, along with the Beaucaire Cardigan.

roxyturtle said...

I just tried the coat on Sophie and it's LOVELY. It's at the Chelsea Market Anthropologie if you are looking to give it a go. :)

Sophie said...

Thanks for letting me know, Roxy.
I wasn't able to get to a store yesterday. Does it run true to size?


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