Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anthropologie Knockoffs

Remember the Delicate Drafts Cardigan by Guinevere? 

I recently came across an exact replica of it at
Frankly, I'm shocked at how accurate the knockoff is. Not one detail was altered.

Available in 4 colors.

Over the years, Anthropologie featured different variations of the retro bike print 
on some of their styles. The print had a lot of appeal, and it seems other retailers are catching on.

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Unknown said...

I love Downeast. It's interesting, I just wrote Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie about this a few days ago. I'd say about half of Downeast's inventory are old Anthro designs. I also see a ton of them on Modcloth, Ruche, Garnett Hill, and recently at Kohl's. Sometimes the design is slightly modified. I started shopping at Anthro in 2010, so I'm a bit delighted I get a second chance to get those amazing 2008-2009 designs I missed. I wonder if DE purchases the designs because they rarely modify the design except to sometimes add sleeves


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