Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As always, I've been looking forward to browsing the new Anthropologie January catalog. However, today is January 2nd and no sign of new catalog on-line or in the mail. The website did get updated somewhat with a front page link to the new Resort collection which I don't find exciting in the least. Full of unflattering bathing suits that can only be worn if you're size XXXS, and loose, bizarrely hued  tunics that should only be worn if you're size XXXL, the Resort Collection just feels like a desperate and not particularly successful attempt to get our attention after we've OD'd on shopping prior to the holidays. 

The website home page also features a link to new arrival, most of which are not compelling enough to grab my attention. There are a few new styles that I did end up adding to my wishlist, to be revisited in a month or so when my credit cards hopefully recover from all the abuse they've been through.

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