Monday, January 7, 2013

Hurray For SALE Day!

Tons of items were moved to the sale section today, making me wonder what new lovelies are due to be coming our way in the next few weeks? As I've mentioned before, I feel pretty shopped out for the time being, but a few select sale items may just be worthwhile investing into.

Here are my favorites from the sale section.
Spotted Feline Cardigan - now $70

Ruffled Peplum Cardi - now $50

Gilt Diamond Sweater - now $100

Falling Wing Dress - now $130

Impatiens Keyhole Dress - now $80

Tossed Bouquet Dress - now $80

Inked Velvet Strapless Dress - now $100
I love the color and the richness of the fabric!

Sissy Dress - now $90

Caridad Ruffled Dress - now $100

Beaded Tulle Cocktail Dress - now $70

Soigne Pin Cloche - now $30

Zarita Gilt Maxi Skirt - now $150

Still Life Army Jacket - now $200

Rose Hip Peplum Top - now $40

Monochrome Swiss Dot Tights - now $10

Victory Cascade Earrings - now $15

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