Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is This the Anthropologie Soft Focus Dress?

Well I'd like some ketchup with that foot. Here I was blah blah blahing about how wonderful the Soft Focus Dress was. It was delivered to me today. What can I say, I expected a peach and what did I get? A LEMON! The downside of shopping on the Internet or from catalogs is the possibility of items not fitting well or being misrepresented in pictures. However this was never the case with Anthropologie items... until now.
I took some pictures of the dress I received to show the very obvious differences from the Anthropologie web site pictures. As you can see, the lace on the dress I was sent looks completely different from what shows. In addition to this inconsistency, the lace has a rather "Wallmart" feel to it. The color of the dress is also darker and duller than it appears on the web site. There's also a discrepancy in the measurements. The dress actually measures 36 inches from shoulder and not 39.5 as specified. That's a 3.5 inch difference! The quality of the embroidery leaves much do be desired.
Ahhh how it saddens me to be disappointed in Anthropologie. Where is the love?

I called customer service and the "friendly" rep told me based on the item # that the dress I received IS in fact the Soft Focus dress. Really? Well it would have been nice if they updated the picture on their web site. She didn't have the actual dress to look at and compare, so of course she had no idea what I was complaining about. "They will do a quality control check at the warehouse" was the only solution she could offer me. I'm just wondering how did quality controll miss this in the first place.
dress detail


styliste said...

I share similar sentiments. When this dress arrived, it was quite a disappointment. Not only was the overlay cheap to the touch, but the slip underneath was so poorly constructed that I couldn't even get it on. The empire bust on the slip is non-stretch and the absence of a zipper makes it impossible to get on. I'm getting my money back.

Shame on you, Anthropologie! Talk about deceit!

lme said...

Thank you for saving me from an ebay purchase (where the ACTUAL dress wasn't pictured).

Anthropologie also did this with the "in a moment dress". The one on the model was far superior to the actual dress sold.


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