Monday, December 10, 2007

Manhattan Outing

Hi all, it is a gray murky Monday in Brooklyn NY and I ask where has the sun gone to? I don't remember the last time I've seen the sun, it feels like it's been overcast forever. Yeeek. I asked my husband where the sun has gone and he told me "To Australia". Now that's tempting. Every winter I get the "I hate NY and want to move to a warm sunny place" syndrome. I've had this syndrome for as long as I can remember yet we still live in Brooklyn, NY. How I wish to wake up in the morning to see the sun streaming in through the curtains. I wish I could look out my window and see the shimmering blue of the ocean. Dream on, Sophie...

I have a love-hate relationship with NYC. I love to stroll around the artsy neighborhoods like SOHO, walk into little boutiques and book shops, the art galleries, and outdoor markets. I love the theaters and shows (Not that I actually go, but I like the idea of their existence), but I hate the traffic, the pollution and all the hustle and bustle. I absolutely hate and despise taking the subway. Driving in Manhattan is an adventure that usually results in eye-twitching and a desire to be back in Brooklyn. Never mind the pedestrians that don't know the meaning of "Red light" and insist on crossing the street under your car wheels, looking for parking in NYC sucks all the life and hope out of you.

Regardless, the husband and I planned an outing in Manhattan on Sunday. Our destinations: Union Square Park Holiday Market, Anthropologie, Barnes and Nobles, dinner and a movie. I was also hoping to go to Macy's since I had some coupons and wanted to check out wool coats, but my husband drew the line there. The last time we ventured into Macy's together and I haven't found anything I liked after covering about three floors, Husband told me this must be what Hell is like. Five floors of clothes and nothing to wear.

After circling around for fifteen minutes (a record time for Manhattan), we found a parking spot and headed for the Union Square Holiday market. We passed by ABC Carpet and Home and decided to pop in. For those of you not familiar with ABC, it's a huge gorgeous store that sells antique furniture and overpriced home accessories. The whole place is set up like a museum. Looking at ABC price tags makes me feel better about Anthropologie prices. You can't get a soy sauce dish in there for under $50.

I have some sort of a weird attraction to chandeliers. ABC Home has a beautiful selection of antique chandeliers and scones.

This hand made porcelain sets by Jan Burtz caught my eye. Each piece had a different insect drawing on it.
A doll wedding party.

After poking around ABC, we headed for the holiday market. These markets sprang up all over Manhattan before the holidays. Local and international artisans sell their craft in little booths and everyone is in a festive mood. There was so much to see we didn't know where to start.

Moroccan Lanterns

Wooden toys

I found these rooster timers (Sold by Anthropologie) in one of the booths. I really wanted to take my time and check out every booth, but after about 1/2 hour I was freezing which took all the pleasure out of browsing and so we headed for Anthropologie on 5th Ave and 16th Street. There are three Anthropologie locations in NYC. The one on 5th Ave happens to be my favorite because it has the air of a quaint French boutique. The Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center is much larger (More merchandise) but it feels like the chain store that it is and that kills the experience for me.

Window displays made out of natural materials are Anthropologie trademarks.

It was dark outside, hence the blueish tone in the pictures.

Inside the air was so thick it made me dizzy. I've never ever seen Anthropologie so packed before. There were so many people in there I couldn't see the clothes. The line to the cash register ran all the way to the back of the store. Crowds make me feel very disoriented and claustrophobic. There was no way we were gonna stand in that line. I realized that once you take away the pleasant atmosphere of Anthropologie, the desire to spend on their clothes leaves as well. I remembered a line from To Kill A Mockingbird, "Ladies in bunches fill me with apprehension and a firm desire to be elsewhere". Ditto. On-line shopping started looking better and better. I snapped a few pictures and got out into the fresh night air.

Milk cartons lamp shades. What will they think of next?

Phewh, it felt good to breath again. After dinner we went to see The Golden Compass. Not a very mature choice but I love fairy tales. It was beautifully made but I didn't like that it ended abruptly. I know, I know there will be a sequel.

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