Monday, December 3, 2007

Outrageous Anthropologie Shipping charges

I am thoroughly annoyed at Anthropologie's shipping charges. They calculate the charges based on the price of an item and not it's weight. A very backward system in my opinion. I guess they figure if you don't mind paying their prices for the clothes they might as well overcharge on the shipping too. Point in case: I ordered something from the website which had a shipping weight of 2lb (It said so on the box) and even that was an exaggeration. Since the price of the item was $145 the shipping charge ended up being $13. That's insane! I don't understand why stores like Gap, Ann Taylor, Loft, Banana Republic, Old Navy and many others can offer their customers standard $5 or $6 shipping with occasional Free Shipping promotions but Anthropologie feels above such practices? It's not enough that the clothes are overpriced, the shipping must be too?
Amazon ships everything for FREE! Overstock charges $2 on shipping. Need I go on?
I know Anthropologie is a niche store, but despite it's boutique appeal it is still a huge franchise and it wouldn't kill them to offer their customers compatible shipping rates. If other stores can do it, I don't see why Anthropologie can't.
To be fair, Anthropologie does a lot to endear itself to their customers. For instance, they have an amazing return policy and pretty good customer service. Still, it would be nice if there were no glitches in their appeal. Am I asking for too much?

Here is a chart of Anthropologie's shipping prices.



I'm so with you! Their shipping charges really keep me from buying things from their site. I generally only do it if I've tried something on a the store and I need a different size. But for things that may or may not fit or may end up looking horrible on me (as opposed to fabulous on the model) it's not worth risking losing that shipping charge.

LOGUE said...

it seems their shipping rates are inversely proportional to common sense.

Kathy said...

Let me enrage you further ... I just found out tonight when returning something I had ordered online to an Anthropologie store that they CHARGE TAX on their processing and handling.
So when you see the taxes you pay, not only are you paying them on the items ... but also on their outrageous shipping charges. Just another way they stick it to us.


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